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Distillery Equipment, CopperStills and Supplies For Sale

Shop our full range of amateur and commercial distillation equipment and supplies – copper stills, moonshine stills, whisky stills, brandy stills, essential oil stills and more! We have it all! Better Stills has the highest quality copper stills for sale. We have everything from hobby distillation kits to commercial sized stills for micro-distilleries. Custom industrial sized stills with a capacity up to 2000 liters (525 gallons) are also available on a special order basis. Please have a look around and give us a call if you have any questions. Welcome to Better Stills!

Best deals on Moonshine Stills and Distilling Equipment

All of our stills are produced in Serbia by the largest, oldest and most respected manufacturers of distillation equipment in Europe. Our stills can be found on five continents, from amateurs garages to full blown commercial distilleries around the world. And now betterstills.com is bringing them to America! Come check out our shop and see why distillers all over North America are starting to discover Better Stills. Our Stills are just Better!

Make Your Own Brandy, Moonshine or Whiskey with One of Our Distilling Kits

Take a look at our ever growing library of recipes and articles from how to make moonshine, vodka and brandy, to how to infuse your product with a variety of flavors. Walnut and honey infusion recipes can be found by clicking below.
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Why Are Copper Stills Better?

Copper has been used for centuries for distillation purposes. History has proven that the very best material for home distillation is copper. Copper reacts with alcohol on a molecular level producing a chemical reaction which removes the sulfur compounds that result naturally from yeast fermentation. Copper has exceptional durability and is very resistant to corrosion. Probably the most important property of copper is that it improves the quality and aroma of your alcohol product, making your distillate clearer, finer and sweeter. Check our FAQs for a more detailed description.

Find the best deals on Pot Stills for both amateurs and professionals alike!

Whether you are hobby or commercial distiller we want to serve all of your distillation needs. Here at Better Stills you will find the finest European copper pot stills and supplies on the market. We believe that we offer the best copper moonshine stills for sale. Our list of happy customers continues to grow from hobby distillers to micro-distilleries producing everything from moonshine to fuel alcohol to essential oils.