Terms and Conditions


Home distillation may not be legal in your state! The buyer assumes all legal responsibilities upon purchase. As we cannot know the legality of owning and using a still in every state, town and county, it is the buyers responsibility to do the appropriate research concerning local laws and statutes.

Better Stills and it’s affiliates will not be held responsible for the illegal purchase or use of our stills. Local laws concerning distillation in your state can be found at the following website: hobbydistillersassociation. Do your research and be aware of all local laws concerning ownership and use of distillation equipment before making your purchase.



We are a New Jersey based company and all sales within the State of New Jersey are subject to 7% New Jersey State Sales Tax. All orders shipped outside the State of New Jersey are not subject to the 7% state sales tax.


All orders are shipped from New Jersey and the buyer assumes the cost of shipping from that location. Due to the large nature of many of our products and the subsequent cost of warehousing, we try to keep as little stock at the warehouse as possible.

We strive to make regular shipments from our supplier depending on demand and current sales volume. Please note that upon purchase the buyer may expect to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery of not-in-stock items. If there are any questions regarding shipping times and costs, please contact us for further information. E-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found on the Contact Us page. on this website. Cost of shipping will vary depending on size and distance.

We plan on adding a SHIPPING CALCULATOR to the CHECKOUT page soon to take the pain out of this process. Until then, shipping will be arranged on a case by case basis.

Warranty and Return Policy

All of our stills come with a 2 year factory warranty. If a still is damaged upon delivery a replacement will be provided and shipping costs covered. Warranty applies to manufacturer defaults that become manifest during the course of regular use as instructed in the instruction manual provided. Warranty does not cover damage that results from improper use of the distillation equipment. Returns are not accepted for any other than the aforementioned reasons.