Why buy from BetterStills ?

Why should I buy an imported still from betterstills.com as opposed to one made here in America?

Three reasons: quality, construction and functionality. All of our stills are produced by and imported from Serbia. Home distillation is completely legal in Serbia and has a tradition going back many centuries. Because it has been legal for so long, competition has weeded out the weak and only the best producers survived. Our manufacturers are the best of the best, not just surviving, but thriving in an ever more competitive European marketplace for nearly 60 years. Their stills can be found in nearly every country in Europe and as far away as Australia and Africa, from amateurs’ garages to commercial micro distilleries around the world. And now betterstills.com is bringing them to America!

Our stills are made from 99.96% pure copper. While copper is more expensive than stainless steel, the benefits of using copper for producing a better, cleaner final product far outweigh its initial additional expense in the long run.

Our stills are factory produced. Industrial metal shaping equipment allows our manufacturers to use thicker, higher quality copper and to shape it in ways that would be difficult if not impossible by hand.

All models (except for the 10 liter [2.6 gal.] and smaller) are available both with and without a built in mixer which allows the wash to be mixed during the distillation process. Matching sized Copper Sieves are available for all models available without mixers.

All connection and assembly points on models 60 liters (16 gal.) and larger have a water seal which hermetically seals the entire apparatus preventing vapor from escaping at the most vulnerable points.

Assembling and disassembling our copper pot stills can be done quickly and easily making clean up a snap.

Although our stills are designed with the distillation of fermented fruit in mind, they can be used to distill absolutely anything. Whatever it is you are trying to distill, whether it be fruit or grain based, Better Stills has a still for you.

Our stills are just better!